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"What motivates me is the constant search for suitable solutions for the customer," says founder and managing director of COORDT Lednings-System AB.


Many years of professional involvement in the quality department of a large German automotive supplier led to the realisation in 2005 that quite a few companies have a need for pragmatic advice on setting up and maintaining functioning and satisfactory management systems. This concerns companies of all sizes and types. Often it is not a question of one's own competences, but a question of a neutral point of view and of overlooking possibilities, because the view of the essentials is often obscured by day-to-day business with its many challenges.


Thus, at  the end of 2005, the idea was born to help companies help themselves as an independent consultant and interim manager. From the beginning, the goal was to design management systems in such a way that they do not hinder the company, but support it in a meaningful way.


To this end, the experience Oliver Coordt gained as former head of the Quality Division was and is extremely valuable, since for a broad internal acceptance of management systems it is helpful to understand how successful companies organise themselves internally in order to be successful in their markets efficiently and with a minimum of bureaucracy. The focus should not be on the fulfilment of normative requirements, but on the joy of a structure and process organisation that works like clockwork. The fulfilment of normative requirements then becomes much easier.


Oliver Coordt and his small team were also available from the beginning as interim managers to bridge vacancies. It soon became clear that training on management systems and established quality tools was a welcome additional service. The lively presentation, based on dialogue, is still highly appreciated by customers today. For us it is important that the trained contents remain present for a long time.

The diverse assignments and appropriate further development of skills provided additional competences, for example in the field of occupational health and safety, environmental management and supplier development, so that customers could increasingly be offered solutions to various tasks from a single source.


Good and interesting experiences with customers in other European countries - especially in Sweden - finally led to the decision in the summer of 2021 to shift the focus of activities to Sweden. This is where today's COORDT Lednings-System AB was founded in October 2022.

Equipped with know-how and a good network, COORDT Lednings-System AB is ready to meet future increasing demands on operational organisation and products.


The future begins today.


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