Your company can do BETTER!

Continuous improvement is our profession!

Increasing demands and requirements of your customers and of international norms regarding product, process and documentation frequently result in specifications and records, maintenance of which usually binds a lot of capacity.

Discharge your company from these duties!

COORDT Qualitäts - Management assists you in a professional and experienced manner, whenever quality, economy and knowledge need to be used as a tool for your success.

Areas of competence:


  • Quality management
  • Quality assurance
  • Enviorment management, occupational health & safety
  • Long lasting work experience on senior level
  • Automotive core tools
  • Multicultural expertise
  • Managing und directing
  • Moderation and teamwork


Save time

  • lean systems
  • involving employees
  • custom made solutions


Efficient Management Systems

  • lean processes
  • definining interfaces
  • leading using stratetic objectives and KPIs



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